Besides baseball, in my youth I was enamored with all kinds of art and loved to sketch, but was especially drawn to the places where people lived and worked. In my spare time I would redesign homes, churches and schools imagining how they could be improved, yet observing that every one of them had a particular character and place in history. As a preacher’s kid, I also learned that every person has a unique story worth hearing and appreciating. Now an architect, I believe every place has a story and I search for that dialogue between person and place in every project.


During high school, I worked as a custodian cleaning and maintaining a nearby church and school. There, I became intimately familiar with how buildings functioned and the importance of material durability. I have also had wonderful opportunities to learn the craft of building and design along side many talented architects throughout the country and internationally since 1979. Shortly after graduating from the University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning in 1983, I moved to the Washington DC area earning my license in 1986. I have since worked on residential, commercial and institutional projects including Reagan National Airport. Also highlighting that period was twelve years working with Hugh Newell Jacobsen on many elegant residential and institutional projects located across the country, serving as his Chief of Staff for four of those years.


“There are not different kinds of architecture, but only different situations which require different solutions in order to satisfy man’s physical and psychic needs… Man dwells when he experiences the environment as meaningful…Architecture means to visualize the ‘spirit of place’ and the task of the architect is to create meaningful places, whereby helping man to dwell.”

-Christian Norberg-Schulz

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